Ukraine, freedom and the Disabled Communities.

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From Dan:

The war in Ukraine is a humanitarian disaster. There are many worries – what will happen to the civilians, LGBTQIA+ , those who are not white and there are groups that are not discussed in the media….Those who are Disabled.

Tanya Herasymova, project coordinator for activist group Fight For Our Right says in the Irish Mirror that…

“…lack of support available for Ukrainians with disabilities has made crossing the border for many “almost impossible”

Source: Irish Mirror:

By default, the infrastructure of Ukraine needs a lot of work before it’s accessible and to escape a country under siege amplifies this problem.

Much of the media outputs information in a quick method which means that access becomes an afterthought. This means people are panicking they forget those who are not able to access the information given out and this means that information could be provided too late….or worse…not at all.

This event is extreme but extremely relevant. What happens if the war spreads? What are we going to do in the rest of Europe and the UK?

Imagine the internet, TV, mobile network all go down and the social structure breaks down?

We’d be relying on shortwave radio and this would mean that there are many people who are automatically excluded from vital information and relying on people for support who may forget to do so through panic.

We’d also have the issue of obtaining medication, hearing aid batteries, daily support and such.

In the UK, on a personal level, it’s bad enough that Gov UK just can’t be bothered to provide BSL Interpreters on screen during press briefings….so I’ve no faith in our privileged ableist Government officials to safeguard our future.

Freedom as we know it would be stripped away as it has been for many people in Ukraine.I know I’m painting a terrifying picture…..but it is a terrifying prospect.

It shows how fragile our independence and our freedom are.

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