Creating a world where Access to the Arts, Culture and Music sectors is not an add-on because we want Inclusion Now!

BSL Performance Interpreters

We have strong links with the British Sign Language Performance Interpreter Community. 

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We have worked with many organisations ranging from Art Galleries, Museums, Event providers and more.

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Talks and Workshops

We deliver talks and workshops on the following subjects:

  • Disability Awareness.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Deaf Awareness.

We also deliver bite-sized versions of the workshops for Schools, Colleges and Universities.

For more information go to the Services page.

A statement by Daniel Watts

Elephant in The Room Disability Services was something I dreamt up when I was younger. I have been involved in Disability Access and Inclusion Advocacy for over 30 years.

Imagine this: Not being able to attend a theatre performance because you are not able to get into the venue because you are unable to get up the steps because you have broken your leg.

In my case, I have missed out on many amazing events such as Tim Minchin, Adam Hills, Bill Bailey and that’s to name a few….why? Because I’m Deaf. I could have attended these events but I’d not be able to understand a thing.

So during 2016 , I started Elephant In The Room Disability Services to make a difference and what a ride it has been. I have met all sorts of people, been involved in all sorts of jobs and forums.

I am determined to make sure no one else misses out like I did!

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