Lone Bee Co: A Tattoo Shop Committed to Accessibility and Customer Happiness 

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Naomi and Abi posing at the entrance to the Lone Bee & Co tattoo shop.

The Owner 

When I first arrived at the shop, the door says Lone Bee & Co and a striking tagline of “Where Everyone is Equal”. This set the tone for the visit and the article even though I have known Naomi for a very long time.

So onwards…

Naomi Harada is a Deaf business owner who owns Lone Bee & Co, a tattoo shop in North Lincolnshire committed to accessibility and customer happiness. Naomi and her staff discussed various accessibility options during a recent meeting to ensure the shop can serve all customers.

Accessible Vision 

Accessibility is a top priority for Naomi. She wants to provide tattoo services to people with limited mobility, including the elderly and housebound. She is currently researching the requirements and permissions needed to offer mobile tattoo services outside the shop. 

She cites accessibility and independence as a business owner as important motivations. She wants to overcome any barriers that make it difficult for customers to get tattoos.  

Beyond accessibility, Naomi’s other main goal is to make customers happy. The meeting touched on promoting a comfortable environment for all customers regardless of ability. Naomi hopes expanding the shop in the future will allow her to hire more artists so she can serve more customers and make them feel confident and happy with their tattoos.

Safe Space 

It is Naomi’s desire that the tattoo shop acts as a safe space for some customers. She says that for some clients, getting a tattoo is a way to talk about life difficulties, problems and personal issues. Naomi says she respects the confidential nature of these conversations and that they stay within the studio. 

She adds that if a customer discloses domestic violence, sexual assault or another serious issue, she tells them the shop can be a safe place for them and they are welcome to come back anytime. 

Festivals and other events 

Eventually, she wants to provide tattooing services at Festivals, this is something that you would see at Download and there are several things to research before she is able to offer this. 

Naomi cites regulations, equipment and licences. She is committed to ensuring customers safety and health are paramount. 


Though setting up the shop required sacrifices from Naomi, including cancelling holidays and anniversaries, she is optimistic that Lone Bee Co will grow into a successful and accessible tattoo shop where customers feel comfortable and happy.

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