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Most people like sex.
We talk sex.
We laugh about sex.
We get embarrassed about sex.
We learn new things about sex all the times.

Sex is on TV.
Sex is written about.
Sex is in the arts.
Sex is sung about.

Sex is risky.
Sex is healthy.
Sex is scary.
Sex is exciting.

Sex is NSFW.

The Pill.

Now imagine not being able to do or understand any of the above and not understand the consequences of sex?

This is why Ready2Shine CIC as reported by the BBC is so important.

There are many people who have some form of disability, mental health issue, learning difficulties/disabilities or Neurodiverse who are not taught about sex.

This leads to all sorts of issues which can profoundly affect the person’s life.

Check out the video, let’s talk and let’s share!

Their website is:

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