Vulnerable not exempt from Coronavirus Furlough Winding Down Employers Told by UK Government.

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Rishi Sunak

This is an opinion piece by Dan.

This news sets a dangerous precedence if the responsibilities of a job held by a disabled and vulnerable workers were not able to be fulfilled. The issue is not someone asking for equal treatment.

It is the fact that the person is effectively disabled by the measures put in and there is the lack of adaption makes this even more apparent. This is the very thing the Social Model of Disability talks about – the environment and situation – causes the disability.

The government has a moral and social responsibility to safeguard those who are not able to go back into their jobs as their ability to do their jobs is being hindered by no fault of their own or the company. This issue DOES not just affect those who are considered disabled or vulnerable. It also affects every aspect of society.


There is a real risk of mass job losses, businesses folding and the many self employed people like myself being forced to either temporarily or permanently close our businesses.

If the government are not prepared to make some adjustments then I urge the employers to look at their current practices and liaise with their employees to ensure that the employees needs are being met so they can do their jobs efficiently without barriers.

One such change of practice is to make remote working a long term possibility where possible. Your company will benefit by taking away the long interviewing and recruitment process.

Just work together and adapt.

Here is the article that influenced my…let say… opinion piece.

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