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This will be updated over time – any useful resources, please let us know via our contact page.

Dan, founder of Elephant in The Room Disability Services

BSL Courses:

British Sign

A very well known website which is now doing a Pay What You Can BSL Course, daily signs, resources and games.

Doncaster Deaf Trust

Free BSL Online Course – no qualification at end but you can pay to take the exam to get the qualification. This is running for 2 years subject to funding.

BSL Courses

Another BSL Courses provider.


Clarion UK Interpreter Guides

PDF guides such as “A complete guide to Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)”, “A complete guide to remote speech-to-text reporting” and more.

Some useful guides for things such as Video Remote Interpreting, Best Practices for Solicitors using BSL Interpreters and more.

Health Resources

BSL Health Access

BSL Health Access is a brand new, on demand video remote interpreting service for any public health care requirement in England, Wales and Scotland where access to BSL interpretation is not available.

For many Deaf people, using the English language is not always an effective or safe and appropriate way to communicate important medical advice.

Runs 24/7 and free to use!

Sign Health

A charity which provides Coronavirus updates in BSL, health information, a much needed mental health support for Deaf people via text and more.

Audiology in Hull and East Yorkshire

This is their official Facebook page – you can message them via that.

Send a text message to 07799 895033
Send an email to –


British Deaf Association

BSL Video Coronavirus Updates on the BDA’s website.

BBC News with BSL Interpreter

BBC are the only TV channel showing a BSL Interpreter during the Government Coronavirus Updates. The BBC iPlayer also has subtitles.

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