Exclusion is Damaging

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From Dan, I just thought I should share something personal, my take on how social exclusion because of my socially perceived limitations due to my Deafness and how it makes me feel.

Something that does happen regularly whether intentional or unintentional – Social Exclusion….

If I wasn’t so loud, it’d make me want to climb into a dark hole forever.

But I won’t stand for any one excluding me.

Some say it’s a “controlling attitude”, I counter that with

“If I blink I’ll miss it, so what am I supposed to do…”


“Who are you to tell me when I can be part of something when you’ve the luxury of being able listen and choose whether to take part?”

I don’t have the luxury of being able to hear, reading lips involves a lot of guess work especially if no context and the environment has a massive impact on this.

There are more times I’ll get it wrong than I will get it right and I’ll always apologise.

But don’t try to decide for me or take my independence away.

I’m Deaf and it’s not a lifestyle choice nor is it all I am. I’m not a token Deaf friend or colleague.

I am me.

I wrote this on the back of a number of incidents in the recent weeks and felt that this is a subject that is often talked about but needs highlighting.

My work within the Arts, Culture and Music sectors raises awareness of the issue of social exclusion on the basis of stigma or lack of understanding.

If we don’t keep talking, these issues will not go away so if we talk, someone somewhere will listen and create that change.

  • What are your experiences?
  • Do you find that people exclude you if you don’t speak up?
  • What would you like to see change?

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