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Who has heard of this campaign?

The campaign is designed to highlight the lack of respect, communication or thought for the autonomy of Disabled people.

There are many stories on Facebook, Twitter, the web and other platforms that Disabled people have put up about their independence being undermined by someone who thinks they’re helping or they are obliged to step in and take over.

“I love my cane as it has really helped me to regain my independence but there is one negative which I have started to encounter. People keep grabbing me!”

Dr Amy Kavanagh (blog on Metro/Twitter: @BlondeHistorian)

By not asking and just “helping” by doing, you run the risk of causing trauma and potential injury to the person. Why you ask? It is quite simple, ask yourself, “Do I know the person and their needs?”

It is simple:

  • Ask the person if they need help and listen.
  • Always address the person not the carer or person with them.
  • No-one likes their independence to be diminished.
  • Never ever grab someone – you wouldn’t like it would you?
  • We all like our personal space, so does the Disabled person.

Basically, treat someone the way you want to be treated. It’s all about common sense.

Who has been through this? What’s your story?

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